Sound, Image, and Strategy are my tools, they are what allows me to produce multimedia content that reflect my client's ideas.
Below you'll find some of my work. Feel free to explore, let me hear what you think.

Space Explorers | Music | Video
Fresh Ideas | Commercial | Video
In The Gaff | Videography | Branding | Audio
GreyFace | Videography
Grace Wilde | Videography
James Darkin | Videography | Photography
Cut Once | Photography | Video Editing
Daniel Murphy | Photography | Graphic Design
Black Mountain Studios | Videography | Photography
Herbert Place Studios | Photography
Temple Lane Studios | Photography
CM Beja | Videography
CM Ourique | Videography
CM Ferreira Do Alentejo | Videography
Vale da Rosa | Videography | Photography
Dona Sarah | Photography | Web Design