SATURDAY NIGHT | Single | 2023

The idea for this music video is to emulate as much as possible the style of an old 1900s film, the plan is to have this project shot and performed in the style of the period, so mostly over-dramatic, and over-acted since in the early 1900s cinema wasn’t really a thing, people were mostly experimenting and most(if not all) actors came from a theater background.

I’m looking for that style of 'over-acting' to emulate the style of the period. With strong makeup, and broad movements and expressions.

INFUSION | Single | 2023

As the sun sets on another season, a heartfelt thought emerges:

'I hope you had a great summer.' In this quiet moment between day and night, I offer you 'Infusion.' Just as the sun and sea blend, my latest instrumental release means to capture the essence of sun-soaked days and the gentle lull of (synth)waves.

From me to you.

Space Explorers | Single | 2023

From childhood memories of stargazing during meteor showers and the dreams of becoming an astronaut.

Being inspired by the new space race and genius minds such as Professor Stephen Hawking that fuelled my fascination with the universe. I made this song dreaming of having it on a Space X livestream, or maybe becoming their anthem. Nothing but dreams, but the whole thing was a learning experience that allowed me to explore the fusion between mockups and photos mixed with AI (Stable diffusion in this case).

We Are Space Explorers.


One Stop After Midnight represents that moment when you set yourself free from your routine and pre-defined concepts by culture and society, its that moment when you realize that you are free to externalise your emotions and feelings.

It's a metaphorical "bus stop" that you arrive every day after a long day of work and marks the beginning of your true self and your moment of freedom.

This compositions is meant to be enjoyed anytime, a good soundtrack to commute, study and the perfect tune to start or finish a DJ set.


HITCHHIKER | Debut Album | 2019

It takes time to process creativity, but the residual experiences of Mike’s expedition in the winter of 2013 can be heard on his debut solo album, Hitchhiker. Produced by Mike, mixed and mastered by James Darkin (at Herbert Place Studios, Dublin), the mostly instrumental album wears its influences proudly.

Across a dozen tracks, from Jvlia (the Roman name of his Portuguese hometown, Beja) to Portobello (the area in Dublin where Mike has lived for some years), the journey, as well as the mindset, is explored in what amounts to a route of discovery. Learn more...



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Bring it on Now Remixes
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