In The Gaff


In The Gaff is an self-made production that has several aspects all directly related to dance music. Co-produced by Mauro C, this project exists for the purpose of documenting and telling the history of electronic dance music and how it influences us all.
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The Bag

This old record bag is the carrier of the story. Each record represents a person, a moment, a song.

In The Gaff With Movember

Movember is here, in collaboration with this global movement our goal is to help spread the message that men's health matters, we as MoBros are here to give full support and spread the message through music.

Rooftop Party- Promo Video

Certainly one of the most exclusive parties of the year. This was an after party for the Dublin’s Pride Parade.

Popup DJs

We use this 'pop up' party strategy to promote the brand, locations and institutions.  Popping up on places where you don't usually see a DJ playing and share the love of music with the random people passing is exactly what this is all about. This and having fun.

Because it is part of us

Music is the essence of In The Gaff, from the concept to the logo, everything is related to music.
The Name itself is a reference to house music, only changing 'house' to the Irish slang equivalent.

In The Gaff - 04
In The Gaff - 02